Flexible wires allow you to clip it onto the side of the bird cage, coffee mug,plant pot, flower vase etc.

Product code :

GWC Green wire clip


BWC Blue wire clip

Can be placed on the bottom of the bird cage, on a desk, table, ledge, window sill, in fact any flat surface.

Product code :

GF Green flat


BF Blue flat


Placed on the end of the wooden dowell which is supplied the bird can then be positioned in amongst plants on pots or out in the garden(frost proof) adding fun colour and that something different in your garden


Product code :

GF Green flat

  BS Blue Stick

- Please use these codes when ordering.
Size of budgie

Approx. 6 in. long head to tailx1.75in, across back x 1.5in. front to back

- Prices
4.99 each includes P&P for United Kingdom. All other destinations shipping will be priced on receipt of order or enquirey.

Shipping time, Goods sent within 7 days of receipt of order.

- How to pay
* Credit card add credit card details to order form, OR fax(44 1823 661826 order and card details
* Cheque/Postal Order. Include with order, make payable to CANE BAY LTD

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